Narine Arakelian invites you on an extraordinary journey through her solo exhibition “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones”․ This captivating showcase seamlessly melds the realms of nature, mythology, and digital innovation to create an immersive experience that challenges conventional boundaries.

At the heart of this exhibition lies a profound allegory, one that bridges the ancient and the contemporary. Arakelian takes inspiration from the Bay of Aphrodite, a place steeped in Greek and Cypriot mythology. Was it here that the goddess Aphrodite bathed after her trysts with Hephaestus, or where she met her beloved Adonis? The very ambiguity of these tales highlights the enduring power of myth.

The exhibition’s centerpiece is a mesmerizing performance filmed at the Baths of Aphrodite, where Arakelian herself swims amidst the ancient stones. This artistic act transcends time, merging past and present, and serves as a symbol of transformation: of the artist herself and the life in general.

The stones, hallowed by Aphrodite’s legend, serve as tangible relics of both nature and myth. In Arakelian’s project, they become a renewable resource, a canvas for her exploration of the intersection between art and technology. These stones are the embodiment of her vision—a fusion of the natural world and the digital realm, an ode to the harmony between myth and modernity.

Narine Arakelian’s artistic journey is one of social commentary and gender identity exploration. Through performance, installation, painting, sculpture, video art, and environmental art, she raises her voice for social justice.

“Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” is an exhibition that challenges our perceptions, inviting us to reflect on the enduring power of myth, the boundless potential of technology, and the transformative nature of art.

Exposition by Anton Levakhin

Curatorial text by AI

Exhibition dates: 30.01 – 03.03.2024